Pet Surgery
in Boulder, CO

Your pet’s health and safety are our number one priority. Our state-of-the-art facility is staffed with veterinary professionals who prioritize the care of our patients. Our team uses the latest technology to perform a variety of surgical procedures for dogs and cats and takes the initiative to educate pet parents on appropriate pre- and post- surgical care. We also partner with local board-certified surgeons to perform more complex procedures for patients on an as-needed basis.


Boulder Veterinary Hospital has a dedicated surgical suite, where our veterinarians and support staff can perform various procedures, including:

Spaying and Neutering

Mass Removal

Laceration Repairs

Ocular Procedures

Urgent Care Surgeries

Pet Surgery Risk Reduction

Every surgical procedure we perform requires placing our patients under general anesthesia. While developments have been made in technology and procedures to make it as safe as possible, there is still some risk involved in the use of general anesthesia.

Pre-Anesthetic Exam and Blood Screen

Before your pet undergoes surgery, your veterinarian will perform a full physical exam and conduct a pre-anesthetic blood screen. The exam and lab work will help your veterinarian to reduce anesthetic risk by determining if there are any internal issues that may interfere with the procedure, including clotting disorders, liver or kidney abnormalities, and anemia.

IV Catheter

Once your pet is approved to undergo surgery based on their lab findings, the technicians will place an IV catheter. The catheter is used to administer fluids during the procedure, keeping your pet hydrated and their blood pressure at a normal level. A technician is present throughout the entire procedure to monitor your pet’s vital signs and consult with the veterinarian to adjust the anesthetic as needed. The technician will continue to monitor your pet closely after the procedure is finished. Once your pet is ready to go home, we will go over specific instructions and discuss any medications that will aid in a quick and safe recovery for your pet.

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