Stance Analyzer

Evaluating Pet Lameness

with Our Stance Analyzer

Our Companion Stance Analyzer is an advanced tool which helps us diagnose, evaluate, and treat pet lameness. When a visual assessment and physical exam are not quite enough to give us insight into your dog’s condition, the Stance Analyzer can give us the opportunity to detect early onset problems and address them sooner. Mild lameness is difficult for the average pet owner to detect, which is why routine checkups and in-depth evaluations are so important! Our technology gives us the ability to recognize subtle, potential threats to your pet’s health and provide timely, quality care to alleviate those threats.

How it Works

The Stance Analyzer provides a scale for your dog to stand on. This four-quadrant scale is connected to a computer, which measures the precise percentage of weight bearing on each of your pet’s four limbs, and evaluates how your pet shifts their weight to accommodate for an acute or chronic injury. This can show us which limb, or limbs, are affected, giving us further clarity about your pet’s condition, and providing us with valuable objective information for building a viable treatment plan.

When do We Use Our Stance Analyzer?

We can use the Stance Analyzer for a variety of situations, including:

Wellness exams

Lameness or limping evaluations

Treatment follow-ups/re-checks

Whether we suspect lameness or need to assess their weight distribution to check for signs of improvement following treatment, our Stance Analyzer can give us the objective, straightforward information we need to understand their situation and explain it with you in clear terms.

Research has found the Stance Analyzer to be quite sensitive to subtle shifts in weight distribution, making it a useful tool for diagnosing and treating orthopedic issues.

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