Pet End of Life Services
in Boulder, CO

Boulder Veterinary Hospital is here to support you in answering the question: Is it time? If you are considering euthanasia, our veterinarians will perform a full evaluation of your pet’s overall wellness, including their mental and physical state. While our veterinarians may make a suggestion based on their exam findings, please understand that you are not required to make any decisions on the spot. We encourage you to take the time to think through the decision and ask us any questions that come to mind. If you decide that you are ready to move forward, we will prepare you for every step.

Paperwork and Process

When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, a member of our team will escort you and your pet into a private room. In order to allow you as much time with your beloved pet as possible, we will discuss all paperwork and payment first to make the process easier. Your technician will then walk you through the next steps so you know exactly what will be happening along the way.


Once you let us know you are ready for the next step, your technician will bring in your pet’s sedation. We sedate pets prior to their final goodbye to decrease stress and make them more comfortable. It usually will take about 10-15 minutes for your pet to become fully sedated and fall into a deep and comfortable sleep. It is not uncommon for some pets to fully pass at this point, this just means that they were ready to go.

Saying Goodbye

After your pet is fully sedated, we’ll give you as much time as you need to say your final goodbyes to your pet. Once you are ready, your veterinarian will come in to administer the injection of the euthanasia solution, which will stop your pet’s heart. This process takes just a couple of minutes, and we will check your pet’s heart afterward to confirm their passing.


You are welcome to spend more time with your pet after they have passed. When you are ready to leave, we request that you turn off the lights and close the door. Your technician will then return to the room once you have left to carefully and respectfully cover your pet’s body with a comfortable blanket. Remembering your pet is an important part of the healing process. Please ask our technicians for suggestions on how to best remember your pet. We have multiple options available including clay paw prints, fur clippings, and customized shadow boxes.

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