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We can’t wait to meet you and your pet; we do anything we can to ensure you and your pet are


Since pets age at a much quicker rate than humans, these visits will become increasingly important in the early detection of any changes in their health. 



Request medication refills, make appointments, and download records all online at your convenience. Confirm appointments via text message or e-mail.


Whether it's our heated floors, on-site laboratory, or x-ray machine, we have the tools your pet needs to get the care it deserves.


Our separate cat only waiting area allows your cat to feel comfortable in a dog free environment. Additionally, we use a feline pheromone that helps aid relaxation during examination.


Our specialist partnerships enable your pet to have advanced diagnostics and surgeries within the comfort of our practice. Including advanced imaging, consultations, as well as orthopedic and soft tissue surgery


We provide traditional care in a progressive way. While utilizing modern practice and medicine, we preserve the small town feel in a way that makes you feel at home. Because they aren't just pets, they're family.


We know that adopting a rescue pet comes with many challenges. In an effort to make things a little easier and stress free as well as encourage others to adopt, we have partnered with the humane society to offer your first initial exam at no cost!

In an effort to avoid prolonged delays for you and your pet, we function on an appointment basis. Walk in exams will be done on a time available basis, with appointments being given priority. Of course, if you have an urgent situation during hours, you and your pet will be seen immediately.

If you prefer to see a specific doctor, please inform the receptionist when you make the appointment and we will make every effort to schedule appropriately.

The physical exam is a very important aspect of your pet’s wellness. During this exam, the doctor evaluates the entire pet, which includes:
  • An eye exam using an ophthalmoscope
  • An ear exam using an otoscope
  • A heart exam using a stethoscope
  • Other points evaluated include teeth, skin, coat, vital signs, body condition, and joints. Doctors also use their hands to palpate the abdominal contents.

On average, veterinary physical exams discover three additional health concerns than what is known by the pet owner.

For the safety of all animals in our care, we require that all vaccinations be up to date. Even though we make every effort to make our patients feel comfortable during visits, they may be a little uneasy about new people, new surroundings and other pets. This is one of the reasons we ask you to restrain your pet by placing on a leash or in pet carriers before entering the waiting room

Our Payment Policy
Please be ready to pay for your pet’s care at time services are rendered. If you are interested in financing options, we offer CareCredit payment plans and payments via Scratchpay. Click here for more information!

Questions About Cost?
Our team will be happy to answer any cost-related questions you have and provide you with a rough cost estimate for your pet’s treatment.

Our dog kennels are all indoors and are equipped with heated floors utilized during winter. Dogs are walked 3 times daily while they are hospitalized. Cats are housed in a separate area away from the dogs. Blankets and food are provided for our patients, but you are always welcome to bring your own.

We do not board pets, special exceptions are made for pets with medical conditions, but we are not staffed or equipped for regular routine boarding at this time.

Get the best care for your best friend.

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