Senior Pet Care
in Boulder, CO

We provide extensive care to pets of all ages in order to ensure their health, happiness, and longevity. As pets age, it becomes increasingly important to bring them in for regular exams to detect any changes in their health. We consider pets over the age of seven years old to be senior-aged. At this stage in their lives, pets begin to become more susceptible to contracting health issues, making early detection of diseases all the more important so we can treat any health issues or discomfort as soon as possible.

Dog Years vs. Human Years

7 dog years = 44-56 human years
10 dog years = 56-78 human years
15 dog years = 76-115 human years
20 dog years = 96-120 human years

Cat Years vs. Human Years

7 cat years = 54 human years
10 cat years = 63 human years
15 cat years = 78 human years
20 cat years = 97 human years

Senior Pets Need More Frequent Checkups

We pride ourselves on being attentive and empathetic to our patients throughout their lives. From puppy and kitten care to senior pet wellness, our team is dedicated to providing the best health care for your pet to make sure they live a long and happy life. As pets age, they become more prone to chronic diseases, pain, and mobility issues. Common health issues seen in older dogs and cats include diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, liver disease, and certain types of cancer.

dog and cat

It is recommended to bring your pet in for a general wellness screening at least twice annually (every 6 months). Our veterinarians will provide a full head-to-tail exam, administer any needed vaccinations, and run any recommended lab tests and, if needed X-rays. Routine visits and lab testing allow our veterinary team to detect any potential changes in your pet’s health and treat accordingly.

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