Recycling Program

What began many years ago as a lone employee rummaging through the trash for pop cans or glass bottles  with twice weekly trash pick-ups has evolved, thanks largely to Boulder’s expanded recycling programs, into a clinic wide effort to spare the landfills. As well as the standard recyclables, we collect all manner of appropriate recyclable plastic bags that we dispatch to CHARM (Center for Hard to Recycle Materials). At the end of each day, we collect most of the leftover food from the kennels as well as any leftover human lunches to be composted. All this has reduced our trash pick-up to once weekly and even then, the dumpster is rarely full.

Recycling can be broadly defined for Boulder Veterinary Hospital, as well as many animal hospitals in the area, we donate out-dated and returned foods to humane societies. We even have found our hospital in good partnership with a local hotel from which we regularly collect worn out towels and bedding that we use for your pets comfort while hospitalized. The overflow we send to animal rescue organizations.

Recycling has become for us rather than another chore, a standard operating procedure in an effort to help save our planet earth.