For a healthy adult rabbit, we recommend a visit to our clinic


Boulder Veterinary Hospital specializes in rabbit care, with trained veterinarians who can give your pet bunny the longest and happiest life.

Some of the most important things to make sure your rabbit is well taken care of include:

Consistent Physical exams

Weight measurement

Nutritional diet

Blood work

Consistent dental check ups

We also take great time in investing in the diet of your rabbit. Making sure they are getting adequate nutrients, much like humans, is key to maintaining their long-term health. If you are noticing any odd behaviors, or it is time for a check-up, please give us a call or schedule an appointment online for us to see your bunny.

Although it can be difficult to spot, here are few things you can look out for that might tip you off to your Rabbit not feeling well:

Not eating, or decrease in appetite.
Labored Breathing
Loss of balance
Grinding their teeth
Runny eyes or nose
A lack of, or decrease of stool

Get the best care for your best friend.

Walk-in or request an appointment online
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