Boulder Veterinary Hospital

3630 North Broadway
Boulder, CO 80304



BVH's Wonderful Veterinary Assistants


It was a dark and stormy night, as Claire, unemployed and a tad bit despairing, decided to manifest the perfect job. Wondering what that might truly entail, she began to write. It must be with animals. It would be fantastic if it involved LOTS of cleaning, gosh, especially lots of mopping. She knew her heart would soar if only she could work weekends and earn less than $5.00 an hour. Within a week the ad appeared: Boulder Veterinary Hospital now hiring Kennel/Janitorial position. She suspected the job was hers for the asking as she aspired in general and was most appreciative of the fabulous rhyming scheme. And indeed she was hired. While initially shy and a touch awkward, the inevitable maturing process within the nurturing environment of Boulder Vet has equipped Claire, finally, to be a skilled, well paid, contented employee in a job she holds dear. And while no longer mopping, it is the caring for animals, their people and everyone at Boulder Vet that led her to truly believe in the bumper sticker, THINK GOOD THOUGHTS.

photo by B.Gaums