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Canine Influenza Virus Information & Reccomendations
  1. Introduction & BVH's vaccine policy

  2. Who should get the canine flu vaccine?
  3. How is the Vaccine Administered?
  4. Is the vaccine safe?
  5. Does the vaccine work?
  6. Is the flu the same as kennel cough?




                                              HEAT STROKE:          

Vets Caring For Boulder's Pets Since 1941Preventative Measures: Heat Stroke can be prevented by taking certain precautions: Do not cage animals outdoors without adequate shade or water and at very high temperatures keep pets indoors.  Do not leave animals in closed compartments like cars, exposed to the oven effect of the sun. Some animals will lie in a sunny window until to stuperous to move and may become subject to heat stroke.  This is more prevalent in the northern regions.   Take increased precautions with old, obese, or infirm animals.

Plant Awn (Weed Seed):Vets Caring For Boulder's Pets Since 1941

As the dog days of summer approach and lush spring grasses go to seed, plant awn foreign bodies can cause many problems as they become lodged in ears, between toes, and under skin.   Please click the link or the image for more information on plant awns.

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Raccoons carry the Leptospirosis bacteria in the Boulder area which can cause Liver and/or Kidney failure in dogs.  Risk factors include having a dog that jumps in water such as a creek, ditch or lake in the Boulder area as well as hiking in the foothills in places like Chataqua or Wonderland Lake and having Raccoons or standing water on your property.  If these risk factors apply to your dogs, we recommend vaccinating them against Leptospirosis.  Click the image or Link for more information



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Ticks can carry and transmit infectious diseases such as Ehrlichia and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever as well as cause a condition known as tick paralysis.  If you are finding ticks on your pets we recommend using a tick preventative which is available over the counter at BVH.  Prevention is the best way of dealing with these nasty critters and the diseases they carry.  VIEW OUR BLOG for a recent post about ticks and the diseases they can transmit.   

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Chocolate contains a chemical compound very similar to caffeine called Theobromine.  This chemical can be toxic to dogs and cause cardiac arrythmias, tremors, and seizures at high enough doses.  Click here for a handy CHOCOLATE TOXICITY SPREADSHEET to help determine if your dog will need treatment.  Even low doses of chocolate can cause gastrointestinal upset including vomiting and diarrhea or even pancreatitis in some cases due to its high fat content.