Boulder Vet-Holiday Pet Hazards

Boulder Veterinary Hospital

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The holidays are just around the corner!  In the whirlwind of activity make sure you aren’t ignoring potential dangers to your pets.

  • Foods that your pets are not used to can cause intestinal problems. Especially foods which are too rich, spicy, or fatty. Diarrhea and vomiting would be the most common result. However, in some animals more serious inflammation of the intestine or pancreas can occur.
  • Cooked poultry bones are prone to splintering, resulting in sharp shards of bone entering the stomach and intestines. These can cause serious inflammation, and/or bleeding of the stomach and intestines and have the potential to even pierce the bowel, causing life threatening infection. In general, we don’t recommend giving bones of any kind due to the potential stomach and intestines issues, as well as the potential to cause tooth fractures.
  • Christmas trees and decorations can be hazardous for cats and dogs. Cats love to play with tinsel and, if ingested, can bind up in the intestines potentially leading to surgery. Other string-like materials (yarn, ribbon, etc.), can cause similar problems.
  • Cats and dogs may chew light strings, leading to electrical shock.
  • The water in the base of a Christmas tree may cause stomach irritation. If additives are in the water, more serious complications may occur.
  • Cats have been known to climb Christmas trees, knocking them down.
  • Use caution with lit candles and cats.
  • In the event of an after hours emergency, it is always best to know in advance where the veterinary emergency clinic closest to you is located. Click here for information on emergency clinics near you.