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About canine rehabilitation



To restore normal function and movement after surgery or injury, and to maintain maximum function and prevent further problems in chronic pathologies.


A Thorough evaluation of your pet is necessary to determine the main problems. Typical problems are loss of range of motion, weakness, and neurological deficits. We work with functional problems such as gait, inability to climb stairs, and elimination problems.


An individual program is devised using ultrasound, electric stimulation (e-stim), massage, joint mobilizations, exercise; stretching, resistance, balance and proprioception, pool therapy, and hands on therapy, as appropriate.

Who needs rehab?

For pet guardians who want the best care for their companions, canine rehabilitation helps with a variety of health situations.


·         Sprains & Strains
·         Post fractures
·         Joint Surgeries
·         Tendon repairs
·         Amputations
·         Arthritis
·         Sports Injuries
·         Obesity
We use manual therapy, modalities, and exercise to decrease pain, improve circulation, increase range of motion, increase strength and normalize gait to restore maximum function.


·         Post surgeries
·         Disc lesions
·         Cord strokes
·         Ataxia
·         Atrophy
·         Peripheral nerve injuries
Loss of function from a neurological deficit benefits from specialized therapy to restore proprioception, balance, coordination, and strength.


We have clinics conveniently located in Boulder, Longmont, and Lakewood. We take referrals from veterinarians and will keep them updated regularly on treatment and progress, upon request.
If you would like to meet with us to find out more about animal rehabilitation, and what Back on Track has to offer you and your pet please call us to schedule an evaluation today!
At Back on Track, we want the best quality of life that we can give our furry friends. We are looking forward to working with you and your dog.



About us

Susie Finley, PT is a licensed Physical Therapist with knowledge of animal anatomy, physiology, neurology, and pathology, including joint biomechanics and kinesiology of the spine and extremities.
Susie has over 18 years of experience specializing in joint mobilization and myofacial release for orthopedics and neurology.
Back on Track was formed in April 2000 as an independent rehabilitation clinic working with veterinarians in the Denver/Boulder area. Since its inception, we have dedicated ourselves to continuing education in the rehabilitation of animals and to offer the highest level of care for your companions.